Month: October 2015

Open Macro in Excel 2013

Reading Time: 1 minuteThis is just an brief instruction how to open macro in excel 2013. First go to File→Options Then click on Customize Ribbon and enable Developer option. Now developer option will appear in the excel 2013 toolbar. Then we can reduce

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Current Divider Calculator

Reading Time: 1 minuteTo use current divider calculator, enter input current, R1 and R2 and calculate currents through R1 and R2 IIN: A R1: Ω R2: Ω I1: A I2: A Calculate Read about current divider

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Current Divider Formula

Reading Time: 2 minutesGo to current divider calculator. Current divider is actually two resistors connected in parallel. Now, if we know input current and R1 and R2 resistor value, we can calculate how input current will split up, i.e. how much are I1

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Add Picture to Android App

Reading Time: 1 minuteWhen you want to add picture to android app, you need to insert ImageView widget first. Now, prepare your picture in PNG format (recommended size should be inside dimension of 80X80 pixels). Then paste it into app→src→main→res→drawable. Note: your PNG

Voltage Divider Calculator

Reading Time: 1 minuteTo use voltage divider calculator, enter input voltage, R1 and R2 and calculate output voltage. VCC: V R1: Ω R2: Ω VOUT: V Calculate Read about voltage divider Check your calculation on the other site.

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Voltage Divider Formula

Reading Time: 2 minutesGo to voltage divider online calculator. Voltage divider is actually two resistors connected in series. Now, if we know VCC and R1 and R2 resistor value, there is a question, how much is VOUT? By intuition, if R1=R2 then VOUT

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Publish Android App on Google Play

Reading Time: 2 minutesYour Android app is functional and ready. What to do next? You need to publish android app on Google play. So, click on your android building variants button. Then go to build variants and switch from debug to release. At

Add Link into Android App

Reading Time: 3 minutesOnce when you made your initial application with AdMob in it you need to put some functionality to it. If we make application for calculation of greatest common divisor, we can put in app→res→layout→activity_main.xml (design view) some large text widgets,

Your First Android App with AdMob

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you start to develop your first android application in Android Studio or in any other programming tool, you would like to have some benefit from it. The best way to achieve this is to add Google AdMob into your

Initial Steps in Android Programming

Reading Time: 3 minutesInitial Steps in Android Programming are following: We need to install Java JDK first. Next step is to do android studio installation. But even on this early step, problems might appear, see the figure bellow. So we need to set