Obtain Google api key maps

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Before proceeding to make your first Android Studio Google maps application, you must obtain Google api key maps first. So, for Google Maps Android API, in Android studio, go to:
Tools→Android→SDK Manager


Then click on Launch Standalone SDK Manager


See standalone SDK Manager


And, if there are not already installed, install under Extras, Google Play Services and Google Repository.


Then you need to obtain Google API key map. So go to Google developer


You must have Google developer account for this.


Start new project


Obtain your API key.


API key is expected to be somewhat similar to this:
Now, you can start to develop your first Google Maps application in Android Studio.

There is also shorter way to obtain Google API key map. Start new Google Maps project in Android Studio. Once, when it is created, go to

Go to code under the comment, and copy address that should look similar to this one:


Paste it to your browser and you will obtain Google API key map (if you log in with your Google developer account). Now, let’s start with our first Google Maps application.


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