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Your Android app is functional and ready. What to do next? You need to publish android app on Google play. So, click on your android building variants button.


Then go to build variants


and switch from debug to release.


At this stage an following error will appear
Error app-release-unsigned.apk is not signed. Please configure the signing information for the selected flavor using the Project Structure dialog.

So, you need to obtain your *.jks key file first. This is actually certificate that confirm identity of an application developer. If you don’t have open account yet, go to Google Play Developer Console, pay 25$ and open your account. Once when you obtained your key, browse it to your application. Build→Generate Signed APK…


Choose the key and the alias


If everything is OK, you can finalize your signed app.


You can now rename the application.


Remember the path of your signed apk file and be ready to upload it to Google play. So log in to your Google Play Developer Console


Type the title of your application and then fulfill questionnaire about your application (APK, Store Listing, Content rating and Pricing & Distribution)


Your app is now on pending until it is proved. Good luck!

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