Electronic and Electric Circuit Simulation

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Fuzzy Logic Calculator

Bipolar transistor simulation schemes

Darlington pair

Differential Amplifier Simulation

NPN-BJT Common Emitter Amplifier

NPN-BJT Common Emitter Amplifier with Negative Feedback

NPN-BJT Common Collector Amplifier

NPN-BJT Common Base Amplifier

Push-Pull Output

Relaxation Oscillator

Diode simulation schemes

Diode Bridge Simulation Online

Diode Voltage Multiplier Circuit Simulation Online

Diode Voltage Doubler Circuit Simulation Online


Active, Reactive and Apparent Power Simulation Online

Calculator for real system dimension 2X2

Complex Number Phasor Addition online

Complex Number Phasor Subtraction online

Complex Number Phasor Multiplication online

Complex Number Phasor Division online

Delta-Star or Delta-Y Transformation Calculator

DFT Coefficients Calculator

Inverse DFT Coefficients Calculator

Parallel R-C circuit impedance calculator

R-C circuit differentiator online

R-C circuit integrator online

Series R-C circuit impedance calculator

Star-Delta or Y-Delta Transformation Calculator

Wheatstone measurement bridge online

JFET transistor simulation schemes

JFET Colpitts Oscillator

JFET Common Source Amplifier

JFET Hartley Oscillator

MOSFET transistor simulation schemes

R-L Circuit with MOSFET as the Switch and Freewheel Diode

Operational amplifier simulation schemes

Non inverting voltage amplifier

Inverting voltage amplifier

Relaxation oscillator

Sawtooth Generator

Wien bridge oscillator

Absolute Value Amplifier

Logarithmic Amplifier

Exponential Amplifier

Inverting Schmitt Trigger

Schmitt Trigger

Inverting Differentiator Amplifier

Inverting Integrator Amplifier

Instrumentation Amplifier

Differential Amplifier

Summing Amplifier

Non Inverting Summing Amplifier

Switching Mode Power Supply

Boost or Step Up Converter

Buck or Step Down Converter

Buck-Boost Converter

Flyback DC-DC Converter

Forward DC-DC Converter

Timer circuits simulation schemes

ne555 astable multivibrator

ne555 digital oscillator

ne555 monostable multivibrator

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