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This is an example how to start new Xamarin project cross platform solution. First thing to do is to start in Xamarin studio with File→New→Solution.


Then we choose other blank solution: Other→Blank Solution


Now, we need to add new project to current solution: Add→Add New Project


In New Project Dialog choose C#→Android→Android Application and name project StatCalc.


In order to access to graphic layout of Xamarin C# application, we need to unfold:
Resources→layout→Main.axml and then make double click on it (Main.axml)


Then, on the right hand side of the screen we can find Toolbox tab. We need to click on it to have access to UI controls.


To start writing code, we need to double click on MainActivity.cs


Then we can remove default button and corresponding code.

namespace StatCalc

[Activity (Label = “StatCalc”, MainLauncher = true, Icon = “@drawable/icon”)]

public class MainActivity : Activity


//int count = 1;

protected override void OnCreate (Bundle bundle)


base.OnCreate (bundle);

// Set our view from the “main” layout resource

SetContentView (Resource.Layout.Main);

// Get our button from the layout resource,

// and attach an event to it

//Button button = FindViewById<Button> (Resource.Id.myButton);

//button.Click += delegate {

//button.Text = string.Format (“{0} clicks!”, count++);





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