Starting with Xamarin

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Once when you have installed Xamarin on your PC, you can get starting with Xamarin. You need to:

  • Update Android SDK Tools
  • Install USB device driver on you mobile
  • Put USB option on your mobile on USB Debugging option.

Check if mobile device working properly by going on Tools→Open Android SDK Command Prompt


And then give command: adb logcat

If your mobile device responding, you are ready to start working with your Xamarin project. By default, your new project will be set on latest framework. If your mobile device hasn’t this framework, your application won’t run. So go to Project→YourProjectName Options


And then, in Build→General→Target framework


Make sure that you have correct API installed for chosen target framework in your Android SDK manager. To launch the SDK Manager in Xamarin we need to go select Tools → Open Android SDK Manager


Then check and install your API packages


Hopefully, now you have everything to start programming android application in Xamarin.

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